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Free Scoring And Statistics Service
For Baseball And Softball
What is SluggerStats?
SluggerStats is an application for tracking the offensive statistics of a baseball or softball team. It works entirely through a web browser. It is the easiest way to gather statistics. When scoring a game you focus on the batter and runner movements around the bases. SluggerStats analyzes the movements and does all the math.
What statistics does SluggerStats produce?
Try the Demo Account. Login using the demo's player account. A player can view statistics but can't modify them.
How do I enter the results of a game?
Think of how you would describe an inning to a friend: "Boles walked, Nunez singled advancing Boles to 3rd, Gilson doubled scoring Boles and Nunez, etc." SluggerStats lets the manager record this natural way of describing an inning. Make the batter and runners move around the diamond and SluggerStats does the counting and math. Try the Demo Account. Login using the demo's manager account.
Having a problem with Sluggers Stats or want to ask questions? Inquire at:

Top Ten Reasons Why
Keeping Stats Is Fun
10.You must know the other teams for rivalries to form.
9.Because beating a team that has "10-runned" you several times is satisfying.
8.Because a game against the "door mats" is a good time for the right fielder to try shortstop.
7.Because everyone should get a turn batting cleanup.
6.Because a long fly ball is still an out.
5.Friendly competition for the batting title.
4.Self improvement is a noble quest.
3.Self improvement that leads to kicking the opponents fanny is a nobler quest
2.Because talking smack is just good fun.
1.Because game winning hits should be cherished forever.

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